Tips for Introverts

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Life is awkward enough for most people, so how are introverts supposed to cope? How can you recover your poise when one embarrassing moment makes you want to shrivel up and crawl to a corner?

Putting on your game face can be hard, especially if your job forces you to talk with other people frequently. But before you give up on any semblance of a social life, remember to . . .

Keep the Stakes in Proportion

When you stew about a public speaking appointment for a month ahead of time, your fears can get out of control. Soon, the negative consequences of a botched speech increase from minor embarrassment to career suicide.

Calm yourself down. Ask yourself what you want to get from the event you’re dreading. If your goal on a first date is only to get to know someone, then you can rest assured that you won’t be a hermit for life if that date goes poorly.

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You can always find someone else to date. And if that public speaking gig isn’t your best? That’s okay. People understand that public speaking is hard, and most people will try to be generous in how they remember your presentation.

Plan Ahead

If you’re going on a first date, don’t just assume you’ll figure out what to do later. Make plans now! You can avoid an awkward situation by reserving a table for dinner and coming up with an escape plan if things go downhill. Maybe you don’t have to get dessert at that yogurt place if your dinner conversation was dull at best.

Just Get Started

If you’ve been dreading meeting with a boss, just schedule that appointment. Even awkward situations aren’t as bad in real life as they are in your head. Take the plunge and keep pressing through any nervousness you feel.

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